Vinther-Nelson Cabin

Vinther-Nelson CabinThe Vinther-Nelson Cabin is one of the best known historical landmarks in the Priest Lake area. The cabin was built on Eightmile Island in 1897 by the Crenshaw brothers. The Crenshaws resided in the cabin while they pursued their mining venture at the 'Deer Trail Lode' mine, a short distance from the cabin. After seven months of arduous work at the mine without success, the brothers sold the cabin to the W.J. Anders family who homsteaded the island for the next two years. In 1900, Anders sold the cabin to cousins Sam Vinther and Nels Nelson. The cabin remained in the Vinther and Nelson families until 1982 when it was designated as a National Historic Site. At that time, the families donated the cabin to the US Government and now serve as permanent caretakers and curators of the cabin. 

Vinther-NelsonThe Vinther and Nelson families have retained many of the artifacts related to life at the cabin in the early 1900s and they have graciously made them available for public viewing. Most of the cabin's original structural materials remain as testament to the building skills of the early pioneers of the lake. A visit to the cabin is a great way to take a step back in time and get a feel for the way of life at Priest Lake at the turn of the century. A small museum is located at the rear of the cabin and a beautiful walking trail leads to the top of the island where you can observe the land cleared by the Anders family in an valiant attempt to establish a farm. 

The cabin is located on the east side of Eightmile Island near the narrow channel that separates the island from the mainland and is accessible only via watercraft.

Open During Summer Only: Wednesday - Sunday
HOURS: 10am - 3pm

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