44 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org Priest Lake Memory Gardens “TreasuringYesterday, Celebrating Today, Embracing Tomorrow” Priest Lake Memory Gardens was established in August, 2014, to provide a place of serenity and reflection at Priest Lake for remembering and honoring loved ones. It was created after many years of research by the steering committee and others, with the ultimate formation of Priest Lake Memorial Gardens, Inc., an Idaho non-profit corporation, with IRS recognition as a 501(c)3 organization. Our Board of Directors includes Don Howell, Craig Hill, Dick Hamm, Dallas Gray and Bob Stutz. After many meetings to identify the overall presence of the Garden, we met with Land Expressions, a Spokane-based landscape design group and conveyed to them our community input on the vision to create the Garden. In keeping with the beautiful landscape that nature has already provided, the Garden will include a variety of trees, large old cedar stumps, gentle pathways and a quiet pond. The Gardens will incorporate sponsored and dedicated alcoves, pathways with indigenous plants, artwork, and memorial plaques on a vertical stone wall to commemorate loved ones and share memories with the Priest Lake community. We encourage you to visit the four-acre site located just off of Hole #2 at the Priest Lake Golf Course on Fairway Drive, just east of Priest Lake Elementary School. Please enjoy the site and the vision of what is to come! Our goal is to provide a touchstone for all who love Priest Lake - a place to gather and celebrate the seasons of our lives, passed, present and future. We are offering various methods of reserving a presence in the Priest Lake Memory Garden through memorial plaques, alcoves with your family name, stone water features and many other tastefully-incorporated focal points within the Garden. We are also asking for pledges to fund the remaining purchase price on the land, where your name will be honored as a Founder in the Garden. For more information, to donate, sponsor or volunteer, please contact us at plmg57@outlook.com or visit our website at priestlakememorygardens.com. Priest Lake Memory Gardens PO Box 32, Coolin, ID 83821 Priest Lake Elementary by the 2017 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade class Priest Lake Elementary (PLE) is located at 27732 Highway 57, past mile marker 27. This school teaches kids kindergarten throughsixthgrade. Inthisarticle,wewillbestatinginformation about the history of the school, the activities we do at this school and the volunteers that help at this school. This school was built in the school year of 1961-1962. At first, PLE had more than 80 students in it. For a while, this school did not have a kindergarten, but it had first through eighth grade. When the school was first built, it had four teachers. This school has had a few changes over the years. Some changes include the addition of a gym, library, outside cover and technology room. The reason why the school was built at this location was because it was on donated land. At PLE, we do lots of fun activities with and for our students. In P.E. we learn how to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Missoula Children’s Theater comes every March, and every student has an opportunity to participate. Cross-country skiing is available because the Nordic Club with the school district, donated the equipment for the PLE 4/5/6 class and 6th graders district-wide. We, at PLE, have a special technology program. In the program, we have many iPads and computers. Sometimes, on Wednesdays, we have our art program, provided by ArtSmart. In our library, we have many books, including series like Harry Potter, The Box Car Children and many more. Learning Buddies is an exciting activity when older students get to help K-1 students read, write or make art projects. Band is when 4th, 5th and 6th graders learn how to play an instrument. The instruments are provided by the Phyllis Low Fund. Music for the K-3 students is for singing and having a good time. PLE students go on a variety of field trips per year, such as some museums, the pumpkin patch and winter cross-country skiing. We have lots of great volunteers at our school who help us with several things. With the students, volunteers donate their time to help kids or just do it for fun. Some ways to volunteer at PLE are: help with the art program, go on field trips and help with academic activities. During art, we make stuff and get to paint. We also help K/1-2/3 classes with their projects. During reading, we choose a spot in the room and, with volunteers listening, start reading. When we go on field trips, we see new things, and we also need volunteers to help watch all of the other kids. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) also helps by volunteering for things. PTO helps sponsor field trips. They also help buy playground equipment. If you want to volunteer, you need a driver’s license, and then you also need to check in at the office for safety reasons. As you can see, there are a lot of things that have happened in the history of Priest Lake Elementary. At PLE, we do lots of fun activities for our students. If you like to help children, Priest Lake Elementary is a great place to volunteer. Please come visit and help us Strive for Greatness! HELPING YOU FIND YOUR Allison Hagman, REALTOR 208.290.3027 AllisonHagman@windermere.com www.SoldByAllisonHagman.com