40 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org Pacific Harbor 5_0408 • FLOATING LIFTS • FLOAT PLANE LIFTS • PWC LIFTS • HYDRAULIC LIFTS • CANTILEVER LIFTS •VERTICAL LIFTS Huff Lake Interpretive Site Mike Thom The Huff Lake Interpretive Site is a treasured peatland located in North Idaho. To experience it, travel 11 1/4 miles north from Nord- man on State Highway 57 and Forest Road 302 (gravel), until you see the interpretive signs on the east side of the road. Huff Lake is an excellent example of valley peatlands. Peatlands are formed when large amounts of organic material or “peat” accu- mulate in a waterlogged area. The deep layers of peat transform the area into a harsh habitat - wet, acidic, nutrient-poor - but remark- ably stable and long-lived. Volunteer partners have constructed an informational kiosk, viewing platform and approximately 90 feet of boardwalk with interpretive signing for visitors to use. Huff Lake is also a popular spot for moose and other forest critters. Come check out this unique setting and the beauty that comes with it. But please enjoy Huff Lake from the deck and trail only, as it is very sensitive to disturbance. Confidencein BoatingWorkshop Thinkspring;thinksummer;thinkboating! Now is the time to be thinking of getting in ship-shape for the upcoming boating season! One way to do this is by attending the Confidence in Boating Workshop. This workshop is a six (6) hour boating safety introduction. The workshop provides hands- on practice about what to do in a boating emergency, e.g. if the operator becomes ill, gets injured or falls overboard. Other topics such as VHF radio use, tying knots, and donning life jackets are just a few. This class is open to everyone. Women are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop. It provides a safe setting to ask questions and learn from other women who will share ideas in planning and carrying out a safe voyage by improving communication with your boating partner. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a better more knowledgeable boater. The cost is $35.00. Lunch, snacks and materials are provided. ThedateisSaturday,June10,2017. Location is the Coolin Civic Organization Community Hall, 5361 Dickensheet Road, Coolin, ID 83821. Time is 9am to 4pm. For infomation contact: Steve Duntley at 208.946.9953