4 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org Korbi Beck Ashton’s Story My husband has been coming to Priest Lake since he was in grade school with his parents, Bob and Ann Ashton. Renting cabins at Hills and Grandview, up to owning at Outlet Bay and now Cavanaugh Bay, the family memories that he holds so dear to his heart are also recorded on Polaroid stills and old beta tapes. As time has passed and the family has grown from 7 children and spouses to now 32 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren the memories only begin to double and triple. Grandma Ann plans her Ashton Family week in the summer with the date announced in January and children and grandchildren begin clearing their schedules of cheer camp and other work and vacations to make sure that they can make it up to the lake! Activities of hiking to the rock slide, teaching little ones how to wake board and epic tube rides are mixed in with family movie nights, S’Mores around the camp fire and the annual family photo for the Christmas card! These family moments surrounded by such a beautiful place would not be missed for the world! We love our Priest Lake home and hope to be able to continue building such loving recollections as our family continues to grow. MY FIRST EXPERIENCE AT PRIEST LAKE TributetoaSpecial Place Maggie Drummond’s Story I was just four years old when we first camped at Outlet Bay; that was some 64 years ago! My father was a professor at Eastern Washington College of Education (now EWU) (and Ugly Man on Campus in 1953) and several professors and their families leased lots on the east side of Priest Lake. Even though in the 1950’s $100 a year was a lot of money, the Drummond family and the Whitfield family merged their resources and began leasing our lot. The two professors bought a book called “How to Build a Cabin with Eight-Foot Lengths” and started the 16 by 40-foot, story-and-a-half cabin, and of course, built an outhouse! We slept in sleeping bags on a platform and cooked meals on a Coleman stove or over a fire for years. I helped find and deliver rocks used in the cement pilings – my brother was the official “mudder”. And, as a teen, he also “wired” the house following purchase of another how-to book! Before indoor plumbing was available, we bathed and drank the wonderful PL water. The Patmores (another professor) were also leasing a lot, and their daughter and the Whitfield/Drummond girls often rowed the “Leaky Tomato” four miles south to Cavanaugh Bay to visit the candy store at the old gas station there. We also tied up half-gallons of milk to the back while keeping them cool. We also walked north to the “point” where the Eight-Mile Island cut is. Both outings seemed to take an eternity! I think the parents wanted some alone-time! My family moved a lot during my lifetime, but Priest Lake has been the constant, and we now own our land! We’ve been around the world, but we all think that this place is the best place on earth. Priest Lake Morning Fog Early morning, tea time he gazes toward the dock A kayak glides silently from the fog Could it be? She steps onto the dock Filtered sunlight on her long soft hair An open, welcoming smile The memory of her perfume, the warmth of the morning sun She waves her hand, he lifts his in return, sips his tea Like the girl, the memory fades sixty now, not sixteen Morning fog lifts from the lake surface He rises from his chair, makes his way to the kitchen Wonders what became of her Inspired by Life at Priest Lake By: Terry Robinson Award-winning Author, Poet