36 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org Priest Lake Heritage Speakers Series: July 12 - Coolin Community Hall - Government Shaped Priest Lake/Priest Lake Shaped Government - presented by Kris Runberg Smith July 19 - Priest Lake Library – Invading Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps at Priest Lake - presented by Kris Runberg Smith July 26 - Coolin Community Hall - History of the Kalispel Tribe at Priest Lake - presented by the Kalispel Tribe August 2 - Priest Lake Library - Gold Mining at Priest Lake - presented by Tom Weitz ThissummerthePriestLakeMuseumexpandsitsPriestLakeStoryCorps project to capture special stories and memories. Inspired by the national StoryCorps, you choose a friend, neighbor, or loved one to interview about their experiences. The museum facilitator takes care of the technical stuff and makes you a CD to take home. The museum preserves your interview and also sends it to the StoryCorps collection at the Library of Congress. Sign up at the Museum (priestlakemuseum@gmail.com or 208/443-2676) for a forty-minute recording session Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in July, or check about making an alternative appointment time. Lastsummeraremarkablearrayofpeoplefromaroundthelakerecorded their stories at the museum. Nine-year-old Ronan Rasmussen interviewed his grandfather Gary James (bottom left) as they shared their love of fishing. DavidLowtalkedwithhis97-year-old-motherAliceYeeaboutearlycamping at Reeder Bay. Sisters Carol McVicker and Teresa von Marbod (bottom right) celebrated the centennial of their grandparents’ first visit to the lake by sharing family history and stories of summers at the lake. Carol spoke of the hours tucked in the hull of her grandparents’ boat, reading good books while they fished. Her younger sister’s memories included dances at the Nordman school. Amber Abbas interviewed her husband Jamison Warren (bottom middle) about the joys of skiing, the pain of selling the cabin, and the anticipation of introducing their soon-to-be-born child to Priest Lake. You can listen to all the Priest Lake interviews at the Library of Congress. Learn more about StoryCorps at https//storycorps.org. Summer at Priest Lake Museum