35 THE IDAHO FISHERMAN.COM Priest Lake & Lake Pend Oreille You set your own hook! Rich Lindsey’s Priest Lake Search & Rescue Volunteers (PLSAR) are constantly training in preparation to respond to the call for help in the worst possible conditions. Our primary goal is to provide a quick response with well-trained and properly- equipped volunteers to assist persons lost, injured or in distress throughout all of Bonner County, and to serve the public welfare in any disaster or emergency, when requested by proper authority in any and all weather conditions. The call to respond rarely comes during pleasant weather or daytime hours, and each training event focuses on developing Search & Rescue Volunteers with the skill and confidence to respond anywhere, anytime. Our training calendar includes a two-day Wilderness First Aid class to train volunteers for dealing with medical emergencies in the backcountry, Wilderness and Mountain Navigation using both GPS and map/ compass/terrain features, Avalanche Awareness and Rescue, High-Angle Rope Rescue, Swift- Water Rescue and a highly-skilled and trained K-9 team. Our ever-growing numbers of PLSAR Volunteers are required to participate in an annual minimum of 12 hours of group training; in 2016 alone, PLSAR members completed over 1,000 hours of combined technical training. That training was most recently put to use on New Year’s Day when our team responded to a call to assist six people stranded in the snowy mountains of Bonner County. Five PLSAR members were dispatched and successfully rescued the stranded subjects. Members logged over 100 miles on their snow machines during a blowing snowstorm in the darkness of night. This is just one example of our community support during the eight other missions PLSAR responded to during 2016. In addition to our technical rescue training and mission response, PLSAR is actively engaged in community service. PLSAR proudly sponsors the Huckfest in July, our annual fundraiser. We also provide volunteer support for the Priest Lake Triathlon and Marathon, and the Sandpoint Long Bridge swim. Giving back to our community is a critical and mandatory criteria for active participation in PLSAR. PLSAR is an all-volunteer, non-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) charity. For more information, to join, or to make a donation, visit www.PLSAR.com or contact Mike Nielsen at 209-946-7664. PRIEST LAKE SEARCH AND RESCUE VOLUNTEERS Train to Respond