32 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org Save the Thorofare Bonner County BoatingRegulations This list is intended to be a reminder of some important regulations. For an all-inclusive list of watercraft and paddleboard regulations please visit www. bonnerso.org/boatinglaws. Before launching in Priest Lake, have your watercraft and paddleboards inspected for any milfoil and/or invasive mussels – invasive species stickers are required for both to operate in the state of Idaho. For more information visit www.invasivespecies.idaho.gov. MOTOR-DRIVEN WATERCRAFT: DISTANCES FOR NO WAKE ZONES: • Within 200’ from any shoreline, dock, pier, other structure or any person in the water • Within 50’ of any other vessel • Within the Thorofare to Upper Priest Lake: no wake zone or 5 miles per hour AGE REQUIREMENT: • It shall be unlawful to operate, or to allow the operation of a motor-driven watercraft by a person under the age of ten (10) except under direct adult supervision. • It shall be unlawful to operate, or to allow someone to operate a motor-driven watercraft when the operator is between the ages of ten (10) to fourteen (14) without adult SUPERVISION unless the vessel is powered by a motor rated at ten (10) horsepower or less. • Children 14 years of age or younger are required to wear a life jacket on all boats 19 feet or less. SPEED LIMITS: • Within one hundred (100’) feet of any other vessel, the speed shall be reasonable and prudent, but not in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour. • At night, where the speed is not otherwise restricted, the speed limit shall not exceed twenty-five (25) miles per hour. • During the day, where speed is not otherwise restricted, the speed limit shall be reasonable and prudent, but not in excess of fifty (50) miles per hour. STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDS: PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT: • Include a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket for the paddler and a sound- producing device (whistle). • Paddleboard users should wear a helmet when running rivers and other areas where rocks are prevalent. THOROFARE GUIDELINES • Give way to kayaks, canoes, rowboats or any other non-motorized vehicles. • Maintain a wakeless speed to avoid causing the shoreline to erode and eventually fill the Thorofare. • Please keep the upper lake as a catch and release fish zone only. • Respect the natural environment and others by leaving the loud noises and blaring music to the lower lake. • Cruise the upper lake, heeding the no wake zone within 50 feet of another vessel and abiding the no board sports or tubing rule. The Priest Lake community, businesses and organizations have overwhelmed us with their support for the “Save the Thorofare” project and the preservation of access to the Upper Priest Lake. The “Save the Thorofare”account with our “People Helping People,”at this publishing is $50,000! This exhibition of support displays the importance of not losing this landmark natural treasure. Multiple generations have made the trip to the Upper Lake since the turn of the century. Our charitable, tax- deductible fund is intended to be used, along with matching funds from governmental entities, to repair and/or replace the present deteriorating breakwater which is rendering the approach channel too shallow to allow access to all. You can learn more, and hopefully support the project, by going to: www.priestlakethorofare.com. ALL information is there, plus a link to the Facebook page. At both sites you can obtain the history, current updates, the anticipated fix, and links to deductible donating by check, credit card or PayPal. In addition, there is a link to our BLOG which contains a gallery of pictures that displays vividly the disintegrating breakwater. Huge Thanks to These Supporters!! Community Members: Ron and Mary Taylor, Bob and Amy Adams, Scott Axworthy, Fred and Pecky Cox, Fred (Fritz) and Karla Cox, Lana Cruse, Janet Davis, Roger Gregory, Frank and Barb O’Neill, Ken and Allison Hagman, Lois Hill, Doug and Veronica Tefft, Jodi Haire, Teri Hill, David Helsby, Keith & Heidi Kopf, Craig and Missy Hill, Jon Lehmann, Richard Lyman, Leo Malantis, Robert & Sandra Mansfield, Jamie McLean, Mike and Tracie Szybnski, Dick and Robyn Hay, Edward Naranjo, Bill and Cheryl Papesh, John and Lori Moloney, Valerie Peterson, George Manos, Alicia Barbieri, Kammy and Shyla Gail Cox, Amanda Peterson, Nancy Pool, David and Teri Pool, Alfred Roberg, Lowell and Kathleen Ruen,Mike and Carol Rydbom, Jim and Patricia Skiffington, Victoria Smith, Allan Songstad, Carrie Songstad, Jacqueline Continued on page 34