19 inside galoshes. Wynona made all of us kids mukluks out of flannel, batting and leather which we slipped inside our galoshes. She also made us thick leather palmed mittens. Wynona and Gayle made insulated underwear for all of their kids, from parachute material and cotton batting. It worked neat and was pretty warm. The trails weren’t groomed in those days. But then there weren’t as many people riding then either. Still sometimes the ride up to Trapper Creek was pretty darn rough and slow. All and all there have been plenty of improvements over the years. The roads, clothes and machines are much better. I miss the more relaxed way we would all take off as a big extended family and ride. The lunches were better and there were more thermoses of coffee and hot chocolate. There was time to find a sliding hill, and maybe we would make a bonfire on a more rainy day and just visit. Now or then, it is just great to get out and be in the woods having fun. Priest Lake Nordic Sports by Don Anderson The Nordic sport of skiing and snow shoeing is an easy to learn, low-impact, high-cardio output activity that is considered to be the optimum workout for persons of all ages and skill levels. Priest Lake’s winter environment with its snow- laden mountains and valleys with scenic vistas, and extensive wildlife is a prime destination for Nordic enthusiasts. The area has a micro-climate that consistently provides early snow and continued cold weather throughout the winter. Typically, the ideal winter conditions make this region superior to other better known Nordic centers in the Northwest. Various groups had a vision that Priest Lake could become better recognized as a Nordic haven. To this end, the Priest Lake Nordic Club, the U.S. Forest Service, Idaho State Parks and Recreation, and the Hill’s Resort formed alliances to promote Nordic sports at Priest Lake. Grants of financial support were obtained from People Helping People, Inc., the Kaniksu Lions Club and the State of Idaho. With the equipment obtained, the members have vastly improved the grooming quality in the region. Hill’s Resort personnel groom the trail system from the resort and at golf course; Idaho State personnel groom the trails at Indian Creek Campground; and the Priest Lake Nordic Club volunteers groom the trails at Hanna Flats and assist the grooming at the golf course, Indian Creek and other locations such as Rocky Point. Over the past three years, the local population and outside visitors have given testimony to the excellence of the grooming program. Currently, skate skiing can be accommodated at the golf course. And a joint venture of the U.S. Forest Service and the State of Idaho, will entail a substantial improvement in the Hanna Flats trails and ensure that skate skiing can be accommodated there. Of course, there are myriads of roads and trails for both back country skiing and skate skiing. Special events include “Free Ski Day” at Indian Creek in January and a Ski picnic held at a warming hut in February. Funding for the Nordic grooming comes from the Idaho State Park ‘N Ski program. Permits can be purchased from local merchants and resorts. Abundant lodging is available, and our consortium invites all Nordic participants to the unique Priest Lake experience. Visit www.priestlake.org - to see the latest groomer reports. Housed in a 1914 one-room schoolhouse (now named the Community Hall) is the home to the Coolin Civic Organization (CCO) which provides resources for the maintenance of Coolin Park, and for our building which functions as a center for local events and as an auxiliary disaster relief center for the Priest Lake area. The Community Hall provides space for activities such as monthly potlucks for all that want to come, exercise classes, Sunday church services, a weekly bridge group, handicraft get-togethers and more. The building has full kitchen facilities and is available for rent for meetings (community groups, etc.) and events (wedding receptions, birthdays, etc.). There is no charge for non-profits; $25 per day for private parties. Call (775)842-3252 for information. The CCO provides a free Fourth of July Ice Cream Social (on the 4th) at the Community Hall featuring local huckleberry sauce on ice cream. The CCO has published two fabulous cookbooks for sale. For information, call 208.443.3201 or they are available from local retailers. The CCO holds its annual “Sell It Out of Your” Trunk Sale on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend for those who are closing up for the season – no cost!! And FINALLY, the CCO sponsors the Priest Lake Spring Festival during the Memorial Day weekend each year. This is a two-day event, Saturday and Sunday. Visit us on priestlakespringfestival.com. We’re also on facebook.com/ CoolinIdaho. COOLIN CIVIC ORGANIZATION & PRIEST LAKE SPRING FESTIVAL New Generation of Snowmobilers: Still Snow Fun!!