14 Priest Lake, Idaho • www.priestlake.org sit. Sip. Savor. www.tyeecoffeeco.com bishop’s marina 354 Bayview Drive, Coolin• | 208.443.3636 415 N Thierman Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99212 509-535-8833 www.TuffShed.com WE BUILD SHEDS, GARAGES, CABIN SHELLS AND CUSTOM PROJECTS - An Idaho Original Since 1981 - People who have spent any amount of time at Priest Lake realize that it is a unique and magical place. The remote mountain setting along with its lush micro-climate gives the lake a special light, look and smell that are unlike any other. Priest Lake is referred to as “Idaho’s Crown Jewel” and it is really the Crown Jewel of the entire Northwest. It is rare to find a lake in such a beautiful setting that also has many beautiful sandy beaches. Unlike most lakes, Priest and Upper Priest were carved out by massive glacial movements over thousands of years that ground down solid granite to sandy granules, as they moved through the area and cut out the valleys. To “spend the day at the beach” is a phrase that, for most people, evokes pleasurable feelings of fun, relaxation, family and friends. It is especially great if it is a warm day and the beach is sandy. Priest and Upper Priest are rare opportunities to be “at the beach” in such a spectacular environment. Camping is a great way to “beach it” at the lake. The forest service and state of Idaho maintain numerous camp sites on the westside and eastside of Priest Lake that all have sandy beaches and great lake views. While traveling by boat along Priest Lake’s shoreline you will find many small and secluded beach sites to enjoy and explore. For those families that are not into camping, Priest Lake offers the opportunity to “experiencetheoutbackwithoutroughingit”. PriestLakehaslakesideresortsandcabins that offer the full range of amenities from cozy and comfortable to wilderness luxury. The resort settings are as picturesque as you will find anywhere in the Northwest. The resort offerings of cabins and rooms will accommodate from one person to family reunions with pets. You have the choice of preparing your own meals in fully equipped kitchens or have your meals prepared for you. The lake is also sufficiently large and un-crowded, giving you the level of privacy or social interaction that you choose. In addition to the amenities you would nor ma l ly e x p e c t , v i s i t o r s can rent boat slips, a variety of boats and water toys, and other o u t d o o r equipment. M o s t people are pleasantly surprised by the varied availability of food, coffees, spirits, wines and especially huckleberry products which range from pancakes to daiquiris. Food dishes range fromgoodhome-stylecookingtoagourmet experience that compares favorably to any urban establishment. BUT – the most important thing to remember is that this all comes with a long sandy beach just outside your front door. IF YOU WANT A BEACH: MAKE IT A SANDY BEACH!! Bob Davis, Elkins Resort